Season 3 of PUBG Mobile has come to end and now we can look forward to a new season. The developers of the game, Tencent have announced that they will be pushing out a new update to PUBG Mobile on November 20, without taking the servers offline. The update will include the new ranked Season and Royale Pass Season, as well as new weapon, vehicle, weather, and a new mode as well. The notification for the November 20 update is now popping up for PUBG Mobile players, along with details of what the update will bring.

While the developers have not specified the version number, the new update will most likely update the game to version 0.9.5. The update brings with it the M762 automatic rifle, which will be available on all maps. It also adds the scooter vehicle to the Sanhok Map. Another feature exclusive to Sanhok is dynamic weather. Players will not be able to play in the rain and fog, which calls for a change in tactics and strategy. Further, the Hardcore mode from the PC will be making its way to PUBG Mobile.

The Royale Pass Season 4 of the game offers new firearm finishers, rare outfits, new character faces and hairstyles. It also fine-tunes the redemption feature and adds Mission Cards. There is also an event during which packs will be heavily discounted during Black Friday (November 23). Finally, it increases the chance of certain crate drops.

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